SOSEN New Products ︱High-Power 650VP/730VP LED Drivers for LED Plant Grow Lighting Launch

Published in : 2021-04-10

In the field of plant grow lighting, artificial light supplementation technology is one of the most important factors determine plant growing. Through centralized control system, intelligent management and more energy-saving smart LED plant lights, large plant factories improve the light supplement efficiency and reduces the operating cost of plant factories greatly. And the core component of LED plant lighting is smart LED Drivers. The development of plant lighting has pressed the "accelerator" for the development of smart LED Drivers.


SOSEN is always contributing to the global LED lighting industry with technological innovation. According to customers’ needs, SOSEN releases 650VP/730VP special LED Drivers with multiple-units dimming in parallel functions, centralized intelligent control and management functions and compatible with multiple dimming control functions (intelligent networking control, independent single lamp control, partial multi-units in parallel control, etc.) for plant grow lighting.

The new products were adopted a number of independent patents and structural designs of SOSEN, and has obtained the Class P certification issued by the North American UL organization. It can realize the separation or combined of LED plant lights and LED Drivers, It solving the problem of high-power plant lights in the terminal customer’s transportation and installation.