Walking through Digital Factory, Discovering SOSEN’s Intelligent Manufacturing Capability

Published in : 2023-10-19

Pioneer is shaping the time; Those who know the innovation and create changes will outstanding in the future. SOSEN LED Driver always focus on medium and high power led driver’s developing, manufacturing, selling and service. With the vision of “Creating the leading brands of led driver” and always offering the customer with high-efficiency, energy-saving and high reliability LED power supply products and technical solutions. In order to continue to increase R&D investment, promote product upgrading, expand production capacity, improve the efficient production process of production automation and digitalization, improve production efficiency, and continue to enhance the company's technology and brand Superiority SOSEN Zhongshan fundraising project has been officially put into operation in November 2022.


Today, let’s walk into the digital factory and discover the intelligent manufacturing capability

Informatization of whole-process management

The factory fully equipped with information management system to achieve fool-proof , error-proof, comprehensive traceability, and multi-system integration, providing data support for scientific decision-making and efficient operation.


Intelligent warehouse management

The utilization of intelligent warehousing makes full use of the vertical space, transitions from the traditional "people looking for goods" picking to the "goods to people" picking mode, greatly improves the storage efficiency, and realizes digital, refined, intelligent and flexible warehouse management.


Automation of production equipment

The factory is equipped with automatic placement line, automatic plug-in line, automatic glue filling line, automatic aging line, etc., and the whole production process is automated, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor costs.


In the future, SOSEN will always uphold the vision of "creating an excellent brand of  LED Power Supply", and is committed to providing global customers with high-efficiency, energy-saving, and high reliability LED power products and technical solutions, and promoting new innovations in the LED lighting industry with scientific and technological strength.