New product information ▏ Intelligent control module

Published in : 2023-02-07

With the development of LED lighting, the functions of LED luminaires have differences in application scenarios, which causes inconvenience in the stock of LED luminaires. In order to reduce product categories and SKU, multi-functions luminaires is being a trend. To improve the user experience, Sosen launched a new intelligent control module to realize the multi-functions of luminaires by matching with standard driver.

The intelligent control module has multiple ports to realize photosensitive control function(PCF), multi-color temperature selection function(MCTF), Dip switch power adjustment function(DSPF). It’s also with intelligent programming system to set output current , dimming off voltage level and other functions. 


Module Design


 Low voltage and isolation circuit

• Can be used in humid environment

• Compact size, easy to install

• Multiple ports, free expansion of functions

Product Advantages


Standard driver+ICM conveniently

• Reduce products SKU

• Compatible with 0-10V/PWM dimming

• Compatible with isolated/non-isolated standard driver

Free expansion of functions


• Optional:PCF, MCTF, DSPF

• Technical support  for end customer

Intelligent programmable


Current Setting in App

屏幕截图 2023-02-08 100621.png

The output current can be set freely

Threshold(Lux) Setting in App

屏幕截图 2023-02-08 100701.png

Can be set delay on-off time

• Reduce the impact of ambient light on luminaires

Dimming setting in App

屏幕截图 2023-02-08 100640.png

• Adjustable dimming to on/off voltage

• Adjustable dimming output current percentage 

• 0-10V/10-0V Switching between positive and negative logic